A bit about me

Let’s talk a bit about me.

I’m a mama who lives in the west coast of Scotland with my teenage son and a growing plant collection. I have a partner who I love to bits and I have a slight caffeine addiction. I love a good cuppa.

So, what’s the blog about?

Well to be blunt its about my life as a mentally (ch)ill Spoonie. I seem to be collecting chronic illnesses like they are damn Pokémon cards and only in my thirties am I now dealing with them. I have struggled with accepting the terminology for years and only now am I accepting life with a "disability".

So, what "cards" have I got?

I’ve been dealing with mental illness since my early teens which has been diagnosed as severe depression and anxiety and C-PTSD. I have been under the care of my GP and getting treatment for 15+ years. This is in the form of medication and bouts of therapy through the years. I’m an introverted person with mild agoraphobia and a twisted (often dark) sense of humour.

I’m also coming to terms with life in chronic pain. I’m awaiting an official diagnosis for stomach issues as well as chronic pain that has pretty much brought my life to a halt. Hopefully as the world recovers from the pandemic, I'll make my way up the wait lists and can finally get some answers.

Fingers and toes crossed

It’s safe to say I’m more surviving than living at the moment. Life is really hard. I’ve always been an open book and this book is turning into a horror, so I thought I would start this blog to help me process it all, let me vent a bit and generally chat about Spoonie life.

Welcome down the rabbit hole. There is a tea party at the bottom.

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