CBD and me

I’ve never really been one for taking drugs. I guess that’s why I struggle with having to take so many prescription meds.

The 90s kid in me still remembers all the “crack is whack" propaganda and I’ll be fucked if I end up like Renton (I watched Trainspotting as a pre-teen and that dead baby haunted my dreams for months!

As I’ve got older though I’ve come to realise that certain drugs do have a place in life. Especially the life of a Spoonie.

Not all of them mind! I’m not under any circumstances recommending breaking out the crack pipe. But I wince a little less these days at the idea of a bong.

I was experiencing a really bad flare where I was running on minimal sleep as I was in so much pain. This also meant the brain goblins were running wild and I was starting to struggle keeping up the fight. I was handed a joint by a fellow Spoonie who promised that it would let me sleep, and he was right. I smoked my first ever joint and I slept a solid 14 hours. It was amazing.

And contrary to the lessons of my youth, it wasn’t a “gate way drug" and I didn’t find it at all addictive. I did enjoy the extra oomf of pain relief though which I could see could be addictive. I mean who doesn’t dream of a life without pain – but I needed to find a better way. And that’s where my excessive over thinking came in handy, as I learned all about CBD.

Verywell / Alex Dos Diaz

CBD is the good part to marijuana (in my opinion) as it’s the relax-y chilled out part compared to the TBC which is the laugh your tits off then eat all the chicken nuggets part. And when separated CBD is legal in the UK. Yay to not breaking the law – I’ve saw orange is the new black, I would do terrible in jail! My gobby mouth alone would get me shanked (or is it shivved?).

You can buy CBD oils and what not in places like Holland and Barrett but it tastes like buttholes and you need to rob a bank to afford the "good stuff "– which would land you in jail longer just an FYI. But if you are ok with smoking, you can get stronger CBD for reasonable prices. It can also be used in tea and mixed with food but I haven't tried so I cant comment.

I consulted with my partner throughout all this as he is more knowledgeable about a lot of this kinda stuff thanks to his job in the health sector. He found me some to try and stayed with me to make sure I was ok using it. I woke up the next morning after having a better nights sleep and didn’t have that residual groggy feeling that weed gave me.

A year later it’s still my back up pain buddy. I have a wee pipe that I use so I don’t have to have any tobacco and I am fully functional other than more relaxed. There have been zero side effects for me and my Dr is fully aware of my use too and has no issues.

There have been people in my life who are like “oh my god you're a pot head" but when I actually point out the difference, they are more accepting. Plus, it helps when they see what I’m like on the doctor prescribed medication, (I wouldn’t look outta place on the set of the walking dead), compared to after I have a few puffs of the CBD. I’m able to sit, drink tea and can hold a conversation on CBD but on the prescribed medications, I’m about as much use as nipples on men.

So, what’s the point in my sharing this wee post? Well similar to my fighting to end the stigma attached to mental health, I’m all for ending the stigma on LEGAL methods of pain relief that don’t fuck you up half as much as the stuff the Dr can give you.

I’m not saying quit your prescribed medication. DO NOT DO THAT! But what I am saying is maybe be open to other less intense (but legal) possibilities and discuss them with health professionals. 

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