Welcome to the jungle, we have chicken nuggies

It’s Sunday so I’m all about the self-care. Today that means chicken nuggets, blankets, pain meds and Teen Mom 2 re-runs.

This is pretty much my life these days. Binge watching TV wrapped up in my blankets and taking pain killers to help with my chronic pain. And while that might sound awesome, it gets frustrating when you just can’t do anything else.

I sometimes feel like a moaning cow when I talk about how much pain I’m in but the reality is I’m really struggling with life just now and I’m so insanely lonely that I figured I would start this blog as my own safe space to vent and process this new chapter of my life.

So welcome to my blog, where you will read the “mentally (ch)ill” rantings of a Spoonie. 

The kettles on, make yourself comfy.

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